Steve's Stories
What's going on with the overleveraged homeowner?
Being 'house poor' is becoming the norm in many cities
May 23
March home sales were through the roof
Limited supply of housing caused a quick reaction from buyers
May 4
Housing inventory down 25% from 2 years ago
Markets with the greatest price increases see supplies shrink the fastest
Apr 26
Prodigal single-family rentals are staying put -- for now
A number of factors are making landlording easier and more profitable for mom-and-pop investors
Apr 21
Why rising prices don’t discourage prospective buyers
Higher pricepoints are increasing the amount buyers need to put down on a home and are lengthening the wait
Apr 17
Rising home prices drive up homeowner debt, but don't panic
Homeowners are responsibly handling their mortgage debt, perhaps the best news of all
Apr 10
New listings fall short in grave housing inventory drought
Do February's market reports indicate the best seller's market in a generation?
Apr 3
Will trended credit data result in more mortgage approvals?
How more granular information will change lending behavior
Mar 24