Wade's Stories

Many real estate agents are seeing tremendous value gained by implementing video in their business. Much of that “video following” revolves around having an active YouTube channel, which makes sense as this medium of communication reaches more Americans (on mobile devices alone) than any TV network.

Jul 20

I was meeting with a prospect the other week, and they said: “If title sales reps stopped bringing bagels and donuts to Realtor offices, bakeries would go out of business!” We had a chuckle — but the more I thought about it, I agreed. Not with the actual comment, but with the sentiment

Jan 11

I’ve recently come across three books that I feel will help my Realtor partners stay on track to have their best 365 days in real estate yet.

Jan 9

Why is it that the most effective applications and marketing tools are often the most simple to understand? When I meet with real estate agents on a daily basis, they tell me that easy to understand marketing concepts resonate best with them.

Oct 27

WordPress is a powerful tool and website platform that is quickly growing in the real estate community. Choosing WordPress to host your site makes your content stand out on Google, Yahoo and Bing and helps your target audience to find it in search. But, how does that happen?

Feb 23

In any job, the feeling of “burnout” hits from time to time. Even those overzealous agents, lenders and title company professionals who rave how much they “love their craft” sometimes hit a wall.

Feb 19

In many instances when a homebuyer comes to the closing table to sign what seems to be a mountain of paperwork legally binding them to a property, they don’t always understand the extra cost for title insurance. What many people don’t understand — or it’s sometimes explained improperly to them — is title insurance is a one-time fee that protects homeowners.

Sep 10

As of May 2015, Google Plus has 300 million active users globally. Of course, this is nowhere close to the 1.2 billion Facebook users, but that doesn’t mean that this platform doesn’t have a big marketing upside for real estate agents — because it does.

Jun 15