'Feast and Feeds,' framed keys, cartoons and other #madREskillz

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Inman Connect New York | January 29 - February 1, 2019

Though Gahlord Dewald and Matthew Shadbolt may not be thrilled about it, branded urinal cakes resurfaced in the latest stream of #madREskillz entries.

And this time the contributor wasn’t joking:

Real estate agent Missy Bentley said she deploys fluffy sponges featuring the ingenious come-on “Don’t get Pissy, Call Missy” at local minor league ball park bathrooms. The marketing stunt seems to validate Bentley’s Twitter handle: @MojoMissy

Another contributor recommended mixing charity with lead generation by throwing “Feast and Feeds,” open-house BBQs that double as food drives.

We also learned from one of our followers that “sandcastle” is a magical color.

Other notable entries: giving personalized framed keys to clients and creating a branded cartoon image of yourself.

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Urinal cakes: freakin’ brilliant or foolish? Sound off in the comments section below. But be nice!





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