4 things agents are doing on LinkedIn that piss people off

Just stop — I've had enough
  • Stop spamming people on LinkedIn.
  • Don't engage with puzzles and memes on this professional platform.
  • Don't take the easy way out with endorsements; instead, write solid recommendations for people.

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I've had it. Seriously. Every day, I log in to LinkedIn hoping to connect with people, write a blog in LinkedIn Pulse or see if some of the thought leaders I'm following have anything useful to say. I log in expecting to see people adding value to the community, interacting professionally and ultimately having a great experience. Oh, but a man can dream. Instead, I see people taking on the same old behavior and reaping the same old results. In this article, I want to bring up a couple of things that you need to stop doing on LinkedIn, for the sake of my mental health and everyone who is connected to you on the platform. 1. Please don't InMail me if you're just pitching Few things aggravate me as much as people who are in the spray-and-pray mindset on LinkedIn. I receive between three and five messages on LinkedIn weekly, mostly from people I don't know, who are asking me to buy something I don't need. There's nothing wrong with connecting with someone you've actua...