Custom marketing plans for 4 wildly different agent personalities

Which one are you?

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We spent the past few weeks interviewing top producing agents on their most effective marketing techniques. Our initial intention was to finally settle the debate on real estate marketing and come up with the definitive marketing plans agents should be investing their time and money in. Unfortunately, after dozens of hours on the phone, only one thing is absolutely certain: top-producing agents focus their efforts in areas that fit their personal strengths -- and so should you. Some agents prefer email or Facebook or Instagram or video marketing. What fits your personality? Here, we've broken down the four most common agent personas we encountered in our research and detailed the type of marketing they find to be most effective. There's no single answer, but hopefully, our research can help you fit your outbound efforts to who you are as an agent. The face-to-face agent These agents feel like they excel in situations where they find themselves belly to belly with their c...