'Text center' teeing up leads for real estate agents

  • Riley concierges send responses to new leads within minutes and then ask follow-up questions to prequalify them. Then concierges turn the text conversation over to an agent.
  • Concierges at Riley's 'text centers' interact with leads using questions provided by agents, along with their own ingenuity.
  • They can handle some requests, like relaying listing information or looking up the closest grocery store to a property.
  • Real estate licensees that allow unlicensed assistants to perform certain activities can be liable for violating state real estate laws.

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When a prospective renter recently contacted New York City-based agent Keith Frazier through a listing portal, the lead’s phone lit up within minutes. It was a text from Frazier. How could he help? After the potential client responded, she received a flurry of questions. The woman may have thought she was building a rapport with Frazier as she answered these questions.