Rascality, lies and kindness: 11 ways to handle sales calls

Hanging up, lying, rascality and kindness among tactics used by agents
  • You may not be dealing with telemarketers in the best way.
  • Consider hanging up, lying, offering positive reinforcement or being a rascal.

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They never stop. Day after day, Deke Tidwell receives around six calls from vendors hawking the latest silver bullet. The sales pitches from listing portals, CRM providers, SEO auditors and all the others can be disruptive, interrupting conversations he's having with clients. Tidwell, a Realtor at Missoula, Montana-based Properties 2000, won't abide it. He hangs up. "I can tell you as as general rule, often the telemarketers come on with somewhat of a disingenuous kind of lead," he said. Their most common ploy, he said, is to give the impression that they are a fellow agent with a referral in hand. "When you tell somebody, 'OK, put me on your do-not-call list,' it never really seems to work, so typically I just hang up on them," he said. That's only one of many ways to cope with the daily deluge of sales calls that you may receive. Some agents tell sales representatives they're not interested in gentler terms, perhaps even offering them a positive-...