Delegate, elevate: Lars Hedenborg on scaling your real estate business

Installing systems and emphasizing high-dollar activities
  • Schedule your two 90-minute prospecting blocks every day and ruthlessly guard them.
  • If you want to exit the buy side of your business, set a date and turn the leads over. More than anything, it’s a decision to be OK with someone else performing at 80 percent of your ability.
  • Build systems and checklists for everything -- systems are the key to scaling and exiting your business.

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How do you systematically grow and scale a business without falling victim to shiny object syndrome? Mega agent and business consultant Lars Hedenborg joins us to share his story and lessons learned while building a team that sells 400-plus homes a year while working only one day a week. Lars Hedenborg is a top agent in Charlotte, North Carolina, whose team sells over 400 homes a year while Hedenborg works in the business one day per week. Hedenborg is also the founder of Real Estate B-School, where he teaches top producing agents and team leaders the same mindsets, systems, tools and strategies behind his success. Real Estate Uncensored Podcast Hosts Greg McDaniel and Matt Johnson with guest Lars Hedenborg Buyer side We started with the buyer side of real estate, and Hedenborg explained that one of the key skills he built in his first year was mastering buyer scripts. Time-blocking, discipline and holding himself accountable were key to building his buyer side bus...