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4 steps to ease the MLS regionalization process

Consolidation is a big move
  • MLSs can best regionalize by engaging in a well-structured, facilitated process.
  • The most difficult impediments should be addressed first.
  • Once MLSs are engaged in the process, resolutions can be developed to address stakeholder concerns.

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In part one of this series, Clareity outlined the criteria for determining the future end game for MLS consolidation. This article will describe Clareity’s process for MLS regionalization and how we overcome some of the common objections to regionalization during that process. A good process for MLS regionalization has four parts: planning, decisions, formalizing decisions and actualization: 1. Planning In the first part, planning and organizational leaders meet with a facilitator who can drive consensus on the hard issues, including goals, ownership and governance, money flow, leadership, staffing and the product and service offerings. The facilitator provides examples of how decisions in these areas have worked in other organizations and captures the group's consensus in a document that all participants approve of, so there is no backtracking later. The leaders might consult with their boards of directors during this phase and work to sell the consensus plan. The...