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Why the Move-Zillow suit is bigger than legal blood sport

And why Upstream and the Department of Justice could get looped into its orbit

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The Move-Zillow lawsuit has become legal blood sport -- imagine a face-off between boxer Floyd Mayweather and kickboxer Ronda Rousey. But we should not let the punching match distract us from bigger issues that are at stake. This week's court battle was merely a proxy for a meatier war still brewing. For Move, the lawsuit has become a platform for shedding light on the integrity of the Trulia acquisition, which portends severe legal damages for Zillow Group if nefarious actions are proven to be true. That is why erased computer files, graphic porn, dubious emails and obscure indemnification clauses are spicy little details that could add up to an expensive migraine for Zillow. But the mighty Seattle portal may have figured out a way to use this legal brouhaha to its advantage. Again, the stakes are much higher than Errol Samuelson and Curt Beardsley being thrown under the bus -- or Samuelson shoving Marty Frame onto the subway tracks or Spencer Rascoff’s email graffi...