Are you an individual agent or just a team in disguise?

Real estate's hottest trend uncovered
  • Agents who have hired administrative support should be considered teams.
  • The point of contention for agents when it comes to teams isn't so much that they exist, but in how they operate.
  • You can't succeed at the highest level without working in some capacity of a team.

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Starting a team seems to be one of the hottest trends in real estate right now. Younger, hungrier agents are determined to one day have multiple assistants, several buyer agents and a moving truck with their smiling picture on the side. The fastest growing real estate company in the world, Keller Williams, teaches its agents a step-by-step process to create a team so that one day they might exit the business and live off of the passive income it provides. Zillow is even incorporating teams into their Agent Profiles and developing new tools to help teams grow. I manage a 10-person team, and I saw how real estate was changing from an individual sport to a team sport. I saw teams becoming so prominent in the industry that I built Nekst to help individual agents and teams be better at running systems within their business. Although building a team is more popular than ever, there exists a heated debate over whether operating as a single agent or a team is better for the consum...