Why agents should always be ‘outrageously authentic’

Leigh Brown on owning your approach to selling, the problem with social media at the moment and yes, you can talk about religion and politics.
  • Being yourself is a better sales tactic than trying to shoehorn yourself into someone else's vision of real estate. Define your personal authenticity and be true to it.
  • Join a team if you appreciate the culture -- don't do it just because.
  • Don't shy away from discussing "controversial" topics. Having an opinion opens conversations.

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Re/Max agent and well-known real estate speaker Leigh Brown likes to ask rooms full of real estate agents this question: "Do you think of yourself as a salesperson?" She said perhaps two people will raise their hands in any given group of 300. They prefer to put "advisor" or "consultant" on their business cards. "Maybe because being a salesperson does not require external education or training," she said. "It's just going out there and doing it." You are your best sales weapon In her new self-published book, the North Carolina agent talks about the reluctance to own up to the sales side of real estate. "I call the other 298 people 'secret agents,'" said Brown. "They’re out there hiding behind their fancy job titles. They simply will not admit to being who they are." Brown's book, Outrageous Authenticity: You are Your Best Sales Weapon, is 88 pages long and takes about 45 minutes to read or listen to. Its target audience is real estate salespeople -- salespeople f...