How to keep your composure when real estate clients lose their cool

You're expected to remain professional in every scenario
  • Staying calm in a heated situation allows you to remain in control.
  • Reciprocating with bad behavior might be vindicating -- and also foolish.
  • Know when enough is enough and when to abort mission.

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Real estate is stressful, and with stress, our clients might exhibit personality traits we don't expect. Clients might become difficult or downright squirrely. I recently had an experience with a difficult client that caused me to exercise some long-forgotten skills. How do you keep your senses, even when your client appears they have lost theirs? Here are four tips: 1. Stay calm and in control A problem can rapidly spin out of control when both parties lose their temper. This particular client was combative and hostile out of the gate, questioning just about every aspect of the transaction. Further, his hostility spread to nearly every party involved in the transaction. As agents, it is our job to be in control of the transaction. Staying calm in a heated situation allows you to remain in control. In this case, it took every ounce of sanity I had to stay calm and rational when this client turned fanatical. I did it, though, and this person never took the wheel. 2. R...