6 massive pricing mistakes homesellers need to evade

Why it's critical for any seller to listen to the market
  • Pricing is both an art and a science, but sellers need to avoid the common mistakes that they often make.
  • In a good market, houses go up in value. But the stuff in them doesn’t.
  • If the market is telling you something, you’d better listen.

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So your clients have decided to sell their home. They've had a lot of decisions to make, like hiring an agent -- your homesellers need your expertise to actually sell the house, and for things like creating a marketing campaign and deciding how to stage the home. But the most important decision is simple: pricing. The nice part about pricing a home is that in most of the country, the real estate market is pretty transparent -- consumers can get excellent information about what comparable properties have sold for and what competitive properties are selling for. It’s not like buying a car, for example, where they have no idea what other people paid for their cars. So it’s easy, right? Well, not so much. Even in hot markets, many homesellers find themselves languishing on the market for months, often because they made bad pricing decisions. In most cases, it’s because they made some simple mistakes when pricing their home, or one big mistake afterward. So here I ...