So your tech failed you — figure it out

How to deal with frustrating technology problems
  • Most any problem can be solved by watching the right YouTube video at the right time.
  • It is rare to have a problem with a device that no one has had before.
  • Real estate is a competitive sport, and we are only as good as our internet access and battery life.

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I can’t call myself a digital native because that term is reserved for people who are the same age as my adult children. I’ll just say that I have had internet access in my home since the 1980s, and I fully appreciate the difference between a 300 baud dial-up modem and a 1,400 baud dial-up modem because that is all we had back then. The internet looked very different than it does today, and it was slow. This week, I am about exhausted from trying to keep up with the pace of business and keep all of my gadgets, tools and software working so that I can write that offer on my phone. All of this, of course, while I'm showing the house that has been on the market for five minutes so that my clients can compete with all the other offers. Technical problems and issues are as old as the technology, and often, I have had to be my own tech support. I read manuals and instructions and watch YouTube video for further instruction. Most any problem can be solved by watching the right Y...