Are second ‘staycation’ homes a trend in your city? Here’s how to take advantage

Agents from across the country talk about helping their clients find second homes in the same city
  • It is increasingly popular for the well-heeled to buy a second home in the same town for regular "staycations."
  • These alternative homes are often apartments in vibrant urban areas or near a nice piece of water or a view, but offering a totally different scene from the primary home.
  • Agents who want access to these incoming buyers should be making themselves and their developments known in suburbs where consumers, often in groups, are contemplating a second home.

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They say a change is as good as a rest. Across the country, a trend is happening for the comfortably off to buy second (or third) homes in the same metro area -- packing up their things and leaving the family home on Friday for a weekend away in another part of town with no chores to worry about. Just a change of scene and no traffic hassles. They are typically only driving around half an hour or 40 minutes away -- with busy working lives, many don't have the tolerance for the traffic grind heading out of these big cities on weekends. And flying to get away is also losing its appeal, with airport security measures and the hassle of getting to and fro. If there's an area nearby with a totally different vibe, why not? In a recent report, WalletHub said certain cities are better for this than others, listing a number of Florida locations -- including Orlando, Tampa and Fort Lauderdale as well as Scottsdale, Atlanta, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Traveling to Brooklyn or TriB...