Are second 'staycation' homes a trend in your city? Here's how to take advantage

Agents from across the country talk about helping their clients find second homes in the same city
  • It is increasingly popular for the well-heeled to buy a second home in the same town for regular "staycations."
  • These alternative homes are often apartments in vibrant urban areas or near a nice piece of water or a view, but offering a totally different scene from the primary home.
  • Agents who want access to these incoming buyers should be making themselves and their developments known in suburbs where consumers, often in groups, are contemplating a second home.

They say a change is as good as a rest. Across the country, a trend is happening for the comfortably off to buy second (or third) homes in the same metro area — packing up their things and leaving the family home on Friday for a weekend away in another part of town with no chores to worry about. Just a change of scene and no traffic hassles.