What would Leigh Brown do?

Think, be kind and always be yourself
  • Everyone needs a little more training and guidance at some point, so be kind.
  • You should ask yourself what you can do to help better other agents.
  • There are ways to talk about getting better without getting personal or mean.

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Apparently, on social media, people have been posing the question “What would Leigh Brown do?”

Well, let me tell y’all, what Leigh would do now is a lot different than what I would have done 16 years ago when I started in real estate.

A lot of that evolution centers on facing problems head-on and helping those around me better themselves in a way that isn’t degrading.

When I see an agent doing something like posting terrible listing photos, I’m not going to rail on that agent on social media. I’m going to privately address the issue with a phone call or an email directly to that person.

Each of us needs a little more training and a little more guidance to get better.

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Remember these things when addressing other agents:

  • Think
  • Be kind
  • Be direct
  • Always be yourself

There are ways to talk about getting better without getting personal or mean.

Leigh Brown is a full-time residential Realtor, speaker, coach and smartass. She works in the Charlotte, North Carolina, market with Re/Max Executive Realty and can be reached @leighbrown on all networks.

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