How to use Snapchat to educate and recruit real estate agents

New York-based Michael Meier gives his take on Snapchat and how it is helping his business and helping other agents use it too.
  • Michael Meier, a New York broker, is using Snapchat to educate other agents.
  • Relationships forged through Snapchat can also help with recruitment and expansion to new markets.
  • Snapchat enables people to see the person behind the brand.

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New York broker/owner, Michael Meier, a Snapchat champion, is currently offering $2,000 to real estate agents whom he feels inspired to hire after they have made a successful Snapchat pitch to him. In his weekly classes at the New York Real Estate Institute (NYREI), he also has his students do a "snap pitch" on themselves, which gets critiqued in class as part of learning about what social media can do for them. (Every now and again, he'll throw in a $50 incentive to get them started.) Meier -- who has his own brokerage in New York, Meier Real Estate -- is one of the leading users of Snapchat in the real estate industry right now. He believes it is ideal for agents to educate, communicate and compare notes with each other, in addition to giving listings exposure. "Snapchat is taking over from Twitter," said Meier, who believes the social channel is definitely "100-percent aging up." For those in real estate who argue that the social media platform's user base is too you...