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A woman voting in a voting booth

Robert Kneschke /

10. It’s hard to say what will happen to the housing market, but here’s how the election might have an effect.

Richard Paul Kane /

Richard Paul Kane /

9. Compass launches a global entertainment and sports division for celebrity clients.

Halfpoint /

Halfpoint /

8. First-time buyer clients might appreciate these 5 tips.

online home search

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7. There are hidden dangers to texting you might not have considered — here’s why you should think about using Snapchat or Siri instead.

Searching Google for answers

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6. You can use Google for just about anything, including becoming your neighborhood search expert.


5. Snapchat is one of those social media tools that a lot of people just don’t get (yet). Here’s how one broker is using it to educate and recruit real estate agents.

A woman holding a large egg and a small egg


4. When it comes to technology, timing is key — check out who’s gotten more initial funding: Zillow or RPR (Realtors Property Resource).

Roads heading in different directions

r.nagy /

3. Making offers on multiple homes at once: Kosher tactic or not so much?

Bychykhin Olexandr /

Bychykhin Olexandr /

2. Keeping your eye on these 4 technologies will serve you well; they’re changing real estate.

how to become a real estate agent

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1. These 4 reasons ensure real estate agents will always have work.

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