Why Zillow has proved to be a starship -- not a shooting star

The only thing that could get in its way now is Hollywood-like hubris
  • With the Move brawl behind it, Zillow continues to grow its eye popping real estate footprint.
  • Zillow is slowly getting the acceptance that it feels it deserves, even though some people still don’t quite know what to make of it.
  • The company's next move will perhaps be a slew of mid-range tech acquisitions.

This spring, Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff quietly (almost secretly) bought a $20 million home in the exclusive Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles — a success symbol for the quirky CEO and for the Seattle company that he runs. Allegedly, the berdy (banker + nerd) Rascoff likes to hang with the movie crowd. He is certainly piloting a starship when it comes to Zillow.