Why you should dive into video fearlessly -- and with style

JK Realty co-founders on how they do it: 'You need to get in front of the camera'
  • One brokerage is encouraging its agents to make videos for their marketing.
  • Think progress over perfection when it comes to video, said Kala Laos, co-founder of JK Realty.
  • JK Realty is also helping buyers use video to tell sellers why they like their home.

A recent video from JK Realty’s “Beard Estate Agent” crew — part of the 48 Real Estate team — shows three laid-back, bearded (of course) dudes heaving themselves athletically out of the pool in a house tour. Lead agent R.J. Cushing, who has a background in marketing and lived in California, wanted the scene to resemble a similar one in the film “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.”