How to master the downsizing conversation with clients

  • While giving up square footage sounds like a sacrifice, it can make room for a fresh lifestyle.
  • Separate areas and lots of rooms are advantageous when raising a family, but smaller spaces naturally bring people together in a household.
  • Whether a home feels big or small largely depends on the design. Help clients choose a smart layout.
  • Smaller living is not only what will happen but what needs to happen for our cities, socialization and world, one broker argues.

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“In our thirties, we save and toil to buy homes,” broker Matt Parker writes in his book. “In our forties we maintain and use them. In our fifties we improve them to sell, so that we can move into smaller homes with better views in better neighborhoods.” As baby boomers look for a smaller space that frees them up to enjoy their leisure days, that conversation with established clients about selling the family home is a great opportunity for agents who can master it. And there’s no reason it shouldn’t be a positive discussion.