How to prevent your business from going ‘splat’

Avoid the feather, bat, splat model
  • Almost anything will work better if you unplug it -- even you.
  • Virtually all real estate issues can wait until the next morning when you are back at work.
  • When your body starts telling you that you are doing too much, pay attention!

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Are you running with your business seven days a week, missing family events to handle client business and constantly feeling stressed out? If so, you might be on the road to having a “splat” moment that can have serious consequences for both your health and your business. I recently spoke for the Maryland Association of Realtors on "Winning the Mindset Game." During that session, I outlined a three-step model that alerts you when you need to make a major course change. The 'feather, bat, splat' warning model The first warning sign in this powerful model is the “feather.” The feather is that little voice inside that says, “You’re working too much, you’re not eating right, and you really do need to take some time off.” You might also be making little mistakes that you normally don’t make -- you miss an appointment, you forget to pay a bill or you leave your phone at a restaurant. The second step is the “baseball bat.” This occurs when you come down wi...