Podcast: How to negotiate a great deal

Tim Burrell gives 10 secrets to employ while you bargain

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This week we are happy to welcome Tim Burrell, the author of "Create a Great Deal," probably the best real estate negotiation book ever. Burrell joins us to share 10 negotiation secrets that will help you negotiate more great deals in your business. His website is [audio mp3=""] Here’s what he’ll be covering: How to determine the right negotiation style to use with each client and agent. How to construct a negotiation game plan. Why avoiding hostile emotions is critical. When you give a little, take a little. Proven negotiation strategies including how and when to split the difference, why you should never pull pricing numbers out of the air and how to deal with ridiculously low offers. How to use a “package option” to make your clients happy and to more easily persuade the other party. Bernice Ross, CEO of, is a nati...