What would you say about real estate if you had nothing to lose?

  • Industry consultants Ann Bailey and Rob Hahn lay out how MLSs can be more innovative, efficient and competitive.

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Consider your years in the real estate industry. What would you say if you didn't give a damn whether or not you were ever hired again? What truths would you tell? Ann Bailey, founder and CEO of industry consulting firm Pranix, was in that position last week at the Council of Multiple Listing Services (CMLS) conference in Las Vegas. After nearly 45 years in the industry, Bailey will retire at the end of the year -- and she has no intention of sticking around. She'll be off chasing her dream of supporting Ashland Home, a sober-living charity, and Pranix will shut down. So when Bailey was invited to an "Ann Bailey: Uncensored" session at the CMLS conference, she didn't hold back. And fellow industry consultant Rob Hahn -- known as The Notorious R.O.B. on his prominent blog -- followed her with some blunt truths of his own. Hahn, managing partner at 7DS Associates, is not going anywhere, so why volunteer to tell hundreds of MLS executives things they might not wan...