5 pro tips for keeping mobile communication classy

Emojis taking over your emails? Agents should aim for clarity and professionalism in their business exchanges
  • Be sure your client understands the point of your text or email -- emojis don't explain everything you meant.
  • You can no longer use mobile keyboards as an excuse for sloppy messaging.
  • We're all guilty of using our phones more than we should when we drive. It takes a concerted effort to alter our habits.

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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. I don't need a bunch of stats to safely say that the use of mobile devices in real estate business has jumped considerably in the last couple of years. But, because I'm a somewhat responsible journalist, I used the Internet (on my phone) to find a good one: the mobile industry generates $3.1 trillion in annual revenue. That fact is courtesy of a June report from mobilebusinessinsights.com. Given all the money we spend to share latte art and tell friends who to vote for, one would think we'd be pretty adept at using these pocket computers of ours by now. I'm afraid we have more work to do. And as you might imagine, I have some ideas on the subject. Here are five. 1. You are your typos The time has long passed for us to expect email recipients to excuse typos because they were crafted on the delicate keys of a mobile device. Until "fat finger" ...