What to do when your Facebook lead generation fails

You need an implementation strategy
  • Tactics without a strategy are just noise before the defeat.
  • To effectively generate Facebook leads, use a strategy, not tactics.
  • Reach and engagement are tactics -- useless and pointless tactics.

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Do you approach Facebook lead generation strategically or tactically? When it comes to using Facebook for your real estate business, too many times real estate agents focus on tactics without having a strategy in place. We focus on things like: Trying to find the perfect post that gets engagement Trying to find the best time to post on your page Trying to find the best ad to run Trying to increase your reach Trying to build a community on your page Perfect posts, best times, best ads and reach, these are all Facebook tactics. They are not a strategic plan. In fact, for most of these, they aren’t even a good tactic to use within a strategic plan. They are tactics that are a useless waste of time and energy and result in little to nothing, most especially over the long term. Here’s what I mean: I see real estate agents asking for help with their social media strategy, and then the ensuing discussion revolves around how often to post, when to post,...