Want to scale your real estate business? Stop making phone calls

  • Start your business with the end in mind. Think “scale” in the beginning before it becomes nearly impossible to actually scale.
  • Rethink what personal contact is, and isn’t, and leverage it to build your real estate business.
  • Get out of a fixed mindset and jump into a growth mindset. There are better ways to lead generate, despite what our industry is focused on teaching.

Big plans for business in 2018?
Give yourself the tools to own the new year at Connect SF, July 17-20, 2018

OK you guys, I wrote this training article for you because I read something in a Facebook group that triggered this soap box. So, though I’ve given you very solid, tangible, takeaways that you can implement immediately, I also know that you need to know why I’ve done this. You need to know what inspired it. So hold on to something — cause here I go.