How to show sellers you’re ‘the one’

The latest ways to win clients through strategies and new technology
  • A powerful unique selling proposition (USP) will enable you to take more listings at a full commission.
  • Your social media plan might include a Facebook business page, an Instagram marketing page, translation of listing features in multiple languages and YouTube and Facebook Live videos.
  • Going above and beyond what your competition is doing in your USP will ensure that prospects will be wowed.

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If you want to convert more listing appointments into signed listings, you need a unique selling proposition (USP) that offers the same services that your competitors offer plus two or three “wow” tools that your competitors have yet to discover. A powerful USP will enable you to take more listings at a full commission. As you present your USP to sellers during a listing appointment, your goal is to emphasize the benefit to the seller -- obtaining the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time through maximum exposure to the marketplace. How to create a competitor marketing checklist A typical USP will have 15 to 25 items on it, but it's always limited to a single page. When you set up your USP, use a spreadsheet like the one below: Marketing Service My Company Company #1 Company #2 Company #3 Social Media Marketing Plan ✔ Virtual Reality Property Tour ✔ Virtual Reality Drone Photography ✔ Augmented Reali...