The 7 deadly lead conversion killers (and how to avoid them)

Change what you're doing before it costs you
  • Today’s consumers expect a customized approach that fits their needs.
  • To make people laugh, look for the unexpected, offbeat or just strange occurrence.
  • A lack of authenticity in your marketing will only put people off when they meet you in person.

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There’s an old story about a company that decided to create the best dog food ever. Their research team came up with the ideal combination of ingredients for perfect nutrition; the graphic design team created a great looking package; the marketing department put together a slick advertising campaign; and the well-trained sales force succeeded in getting the food on virtually every market’s shelves. The dog food didn’t sell. The CEO convened the top executives to determine why the food wasn’t selling. Each executive claimed his or her team had done its job. Everyone was completely mystified until a new employee said meekly, “but the dogs don’t like it!” Are you spending thousands of dollars per year paying for internet leads, postcard campaigns or advertising in costly print publications but not getting the results that you want? Have you ever considered that the reason that your marketing isn’t working is that what you’re offering isn't what is wanted or n...