House Safari
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Rank your neighbors (on their homes) with House Safari

Catalog styles, photograph striking features and tag designs that catch your eye
  • For lovers of real estate, iOS app House Safari provides a great tool for recording likes and dislikes of neighboring homes.
  • The app is billed as "Yelp for houses."
  • While available everywhere, House Safari has active users in Seattle, Palo Alto, Boston, Austin and Chicago.
House Safari
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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. I briefly shared an app with readers in May called House Safari. The gist is this: Yelp for houses. I managed to see the fully developed version of the iOS app last week, and it's no doubt a fun, data-driven tool for collecting information about neighborhoods. Some may say standing outside your neighbor's house to rank their landscaping, house color and comment on their dog's bathroom habits is a bit nosey. But let's not kid ourselves -- we've been doing it for years. Why do you think Nextdoor is so popular? This is the data age, a time when personal privacy is sacrificed willingly or taken from us via social media. Instead of capturing data about people, House Safari collects data on what's cool about their houses. The app is designed ultimately for lovers of real estate -- those who enjoy the architectural variety and character of unique ...