Q&A: Staging expert Andy Capelluto makes her case to a cynic

Will she convince him of the sales tactic's value?
  • Staging doesn't have to be about major renovations. Let the buyer worry about what kind of countertops they like.
  • Decluttering and cleaning needs to be done inside and outside of every house for sale.

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Andy Capelluto Given my rather stiff stance on staging, my editors and I agreed it could be fun for me to speak with a woman who recently authored a book on the subject. Her name is Andy Capelluto; she's a teacher and interior designer, and her book is called The Power of Staging: A Seller's Guide to Home Staging. She also lives in Seattle, hails from South Africa, and runs the International School of Staging. Here's what went down. Craig Rowe: Hi Andy. First, I want you to know that despite my opinions, I'm a relatively good person, my wife and dog love me, and I'm open to being educated. So tell me why you think staging has become such a popular tactic for real estate agents? Andy Capelluto: I once again want to blame it on the millennials. We live in this instant gratification world; everything is glossy, on television, in magazines. It's all glossy and made to look good and fabulous. So very few people today can visualize potential. I like to present a home looki...