6 ways real estate brokerages can crush it online in 2017

Solid advice for ensuring you have a stellar 12 months ahead of you
  • Make a plan that combines past experience with new experiments.
  • Agent education will be the fuel that takes your brokerage to the next level.
  • Get in the game! New social platforms are primed for your brokerage to make its mark.

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Next year is in the headlights, and marketing directors across the country are getting their budgets ready for the new year. Brokerages have a massive opportunity in 2017, not only for themselves (at a corporate level) but also for their agents. This post is specifically for brokerages; if you’re an agent looking for a marketing plan, I put together this list of non-negotiables for your marketing plan. 1. Have a plan Flying by the seat of your pants is not a marketing plan. Start with looking at the last year with a critical eye. What was your breakdown in spend in offline versus online? What initiatives were the most expensive and biggest time-sucks? What did you get positive or negative feedback on? Answering all of the above questions will have you on a nice path to tackling 2017. From here, I would break down all planned activities into: Agent recruiting and retention Branding for B2C (business to consumer) These two categories are not mutually e...