How to apply guerrilla marketing to your real estate business

At such a low cost to experiment, there’s only growth to gain
  • Guerrilla marketing is the use of unconventional, low-budget marketing tactics to win consumers’ attention and wallets.
  • Use humor and authenticity to make yourself memorable.
  • Repurpose familiar tools like social media and cold calls in new ways to make them successful.
  • Use guerrilla tactics for recruiting, personal branding and marketing your listings.

Just over 200 years ago, Napoleon’s troops marched into Spain – and a new word was born. Spaniards and Britons began using the word guerrilla, meaning “little war,” to describe the way Spanish partisans wore down the vastly superior French army using unorthodox tactics: ambushes, selective kidnapping, surprise attacks and night raids. Many historians cite guerrilla warfare as a significant contributor to Spain and England’s ultimate victory over France.