5 ways to deal with ‘I’d prefer a more seasoned listing agent’

How to help seller clients see value beyond your industry years
  • Make sure a prospective client knows your stats.
  • Express how you're willing make up for any doubts they have with the sweat of hard work and personalized service.
  • Tease out more specifics from an on-the-fence seller: "What does 'seasoned,' or 'experienced' mean to you?" If it's solely time in the business, then there's an opportunity to redirect the conversation.

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Put five minutes on the clock; it’s overtime. You just tied with another real estate agent in a competition fiercer than the NBA’s ever seen: the listing presentation. Agents are used to fighting hard for listings, whether they're dealing with "my friend is a Realtor" or simply trying to stand out in a hot market saturated with brokerages. In one case, a Realtor asked a real estate community for advice on Facebook: After slaying the listing presentation for a family friend, she was told the decision was a toss-up between her and another "more seasoned" agent. So say you're up against a professional with years of experience, but your impressive (albeit short) track record indicates you're ready for the job. How do you give it your best shot, or make it a half court buzzer beater? 1. Present your case Make sure a prospective client knows your stats, even if you only have two years, one year or six months to cite. How long have you been a full-time agent, and how many d...