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10. Is your real estate brand “contagious”? Here’s how you can make it so.

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9. A broker wrote an open letter to the new CEO of the National Association of Realtors — here’s Dale Stinton’s response.

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8. A conversation overheard in the Sky Club left an unfortunate impression of the real estate agent as a profession.

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7. GoldenKey (formerly SoloPro) just raised another $1.8 million in funding.

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6. Your marketing budget might be something you actually want to break. Here’s why.

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5. Not all email marketing is created equal. Here’s how to up your game.

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4. Fannie Mae agreed to guarantee $1 billion in debt backed by single-family rentals.


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3. “I’d like a more seasoned agent to sell my home.” What do you say?

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2. The process of selling a home will soon change forever — here’s why.

1. This week, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau levied a total of $4 million in fines against real estate brokerages and lenders.

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