VScreen Community Videos
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VScreen's Community Videos show real estate buyers a hyperlocal highlight reel

Help clients envision their life in a new place
VScreen Community Videos
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  • VScreen offers a number of video marketing tools for real estate agents and brokers.
  • The company's latest product, Community Videos, highlights community data for agents to brand and share with clients.
  • The scene selection algorithms leave out crime and school stats deemed negative, though I'm a believer in putting it all out there for the consumer.

Vscreen Community Videos are fast, easy ways for agents to become neighborhood specialists.

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Agents and brokers can use VScreen’s Community Videos to share neighborhood stats and highlights with clients.

Platforms: Browser-based
Ideal For: All agents and teams

Top selling points

  • Proven company
  • Multiple marketing advantages
  • Concise, easy-to-digest

Top concerns

  • Monthly reports aren’t proactive enough; should be weekly
  • Videos automatically exclude “negative” data

What you should know

VScreen is a proven real estate marketing product that offers sharp, attractive ways to leverage video for real estate.

Community Videos is its latest product (VScreen is also the parent company of ListingVideos.com and VidBrander.com), and it reflects the company’s current state of quality, quick-turnaround web video content.

Users can choose from a library of scenes to include:

  • School data
  • Population demographics
  • Race/ethnicity percentages
  • Entertainment options
  • Nearby things to do
  • Highly rated Yelp locations
  • Household incomes
  • Weather
  • Commute times
  • Agent branding scenes, among several others.

I don’t like that the video’s scene selection algorithms automatically leave out school ratings and crime figures that aren’t considered above average.

Granted, the agent can easily share this information with their client, but it does suggest an effort to hide a community’s warts. I’m a believer in putting it all out there for the consumer.

That hiccup doesn’t take away from the usefulness and myriad of marketing benefits this product provides.

Once you have the embed code, the video can be used across countless online resources, ranging from landing pages to Facebook to listing pages.

Video engagements can be used to measure a client’s level of interest in a property or its ZIP codes, or as a demonstration of an agent’s marketing skills to potential listing candidates.

VScreen will integrate your own community footage if you have it or help create original footage should your budget allow.

Agents and brokers have access to a management screen to coordinate branding information and choose features.

The monthly pricing model should appeal to agents because its a clear budget allocation. You know exactly what you’ll spend every month and since the videos have a range of benefits, your return on the investment could be stellar.

VScreen’s Community Videos hold a good deal of marketing potential for agents who are savvy web marketers and for those who choose to brand themselves as community experts.

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