10 real estate video mistakes agents don’t know they’re making

  • A good video should be platform agnostic. The viewer should be able to gain all of the relevant info from the video itself, regardless of where they watch it.
  • To be effective, a tour video should include vital stats such as bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage, as well as a map and agent contact info.
  • Even the best video won't have any impact if no one sees it. A dynamic syndication strategy is crucial.

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More and more real estate agents are integrating video into their marketing campaigns. Go to just about any real estate conference *cough* Inman Connect *cough* or talk to any marketing guru, and you'll hear that video is the new black, when it comes to promoting both listings and the agents trying to sell them. You'll hear about how millennials greatly prefer video content over text and photos, how listings with videos get way more clicks, how videos greatly increase conversion rates and so on. And that's all true. Videos are extremely powerful marketing tools. But -- and it's a great big fuzzy but -- videos only help you if they're done well. A bad video, just like a bad website, bad flyer or a bad haircut, will do more harm than good. I've seen hundreds of real estate videos, and I see the same simple, yet disastrous, mistakes over and over again. The following list highlights some of the most common mistakes and offers simple advice on how to avoid them. 10 mistakes a...