Meet Keller Williams’ secret weapon: Co-CEO John Davis

Faster. Better. Together.
Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 16-20, 2018

Keller Williams (KW) founder Gary Keller casts a big shadow in the company that he founded 34 years ago. Soft-spoken KW Co-CEO Chris Heller represents the steady hand steering the ship forward. So, who is driving the Texas-based company’s hypergrowth? Along with its recruiting engine, the secret sauce is, in large part, the affable and excitable executive John Davis, who now shares the CEO hot seat with Heller. He keeps a low profile outside the gates of the Austin-based firm, but inside the KW compound, he has emerged as the guy credited with the company’s staggering growth. With sweat on his brow, he is a passionate speaker who loves KW, its superlatives and its many acronyms. Davis exudes confidence with his enthusiastic and gracious style, and like most KW executives, he waves the pompoms for Keller Williams. His style is not corporate; he is more like a charismatic winning college football coach. His favorite word may be “growth," but “competitive”...