3 behaviors of the committed (and noncommittal) homebuyer

These red flags or signs of preparedness can help agents determine whether a lead is ready for the green light
  • Most buyers who are ready to buy a home want to take ownership in their buying experience. If a buyer gets qualified and then shows up to look at homes in a new car, he or she is not ready.

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Owning a home can mean added commitment, pressure and emotional baggage for many buyers. With such a large financial investment at stake, not all buyers will actually end up closing on a deal. How does a real estate agent know when a buyer is ready to buy, or when they may have cold feet? Below are three tips for each scenario. Signs buyers are ready to buy 1. They are able to put some 'skin in the game' Here, skin in the game requires that a buyer has the ability to make a vested interest in the transaction. There are great buyer programs today that make purchasing a home affordable. Despite down payment or closing cost assistance programs, unexpected expenses still come up. A buyer who is ready to buy a home will be prepared for costs that may arise during negotiations. These costs can include things such as an earnest money deposit, home inspection or a home appraisal. 2. They have realistic expectations, have done the research and are prepared Most buyers wh...