‘Another agent said he’d get me more money’: How do you respond?

See through this objection and strike it down with knowledge, wit and a major reality check
  • The key to handling this particular seller objection comes back to the empty promise behind it.

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It's a dog-eat-listing-agent world out there, and there are always some people all too willing to cross into questionable territory to get the listing. They'll say things like, "I can get you more money than that other agent can." Let's say you're the "other" agent. How do you successfully deflect when your seller offers up this objection? 'The No. 1 mistake' This powerful response suggested by Powell, Ohio's Shaun Simpson also includes a foolproof follow-up. "Picking an agent because of the price they tell you they can get -- that's the no. 1 mistake that sellers make," he explains to his potential clients. "If you would like, I'll pay for an independent appraiser," he adds. "I can give you my price; we can take your price and the appraiser's number, and we'll list at the middle. "But above all -- make sure you are selecting an agent based on market knowledge and experience with marketing," he concludes. via GIPHY Numbers don't lie Lexington, Kentucky, brok...