How to put your listing lead generation strategy on steroids

  • The one thing that is always in demand with homeowners is a home valuation, but agents can go above and beyond by providing an equity checkup to potential clients.

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Do you know what the No. 1 listing lead generation strategy is that works better than Facebook ads, SEO or anything else you can do? Almost everyone uses it, but now you can turn it into an even more effective tool no matter how you prospect. I recently interviewed Christine Lee, the founder and CEO of Prior to starting her company, she ran a very successful real estate team. Lee ran study after study evaluating which tools had the highest listing lead conversion rate. No matter what she compared -- paid leads, Facebook ads, SEO -- nothing approached the old standby: Find out what your home is worth. The challenge is that everyone seems to be making the same offer: Contact me to find out what your home is worth. Boring, but it works. With a few tweaks, however, you can put this old standby on steroids and dramatically increase your listing lead conversion rate. The equity checkup Erica West coined the term “equity checkup” as a marketing device th...