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Can MyReelty broker the YouTube of listing videos?

New web-based video services marketplace lets agents order visual marketing assets quickly and easily
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  • MyReelty is expanding quickly, with almost 35,000 listing videos published nationwide.
  • Prices are based on a square footage and offer a number of additional creative add-ons.
  • The company will give agents a product that competes with HouseLens, BoxBrownie and other visual services platforms.

MyReelty is a video and visual creative services marketplace for real estate agents.

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MyReelty is a video and visual creative services marketplace for real estate agents.

Platforms: Browser-based
Ideal for: Any size agency; agents seeking affordable video marketing services

Top selling points

  • Highly competitive prices
  • Easy to hire, manage vendors
  • Individual brokerage profile pages
  • Publishing platform options; MSL-ready video

Top concerns

Some agents may already have relationships with video and photography vendors, and thus hesitate to sign-up.

What you should know

MyReelty is being used to book videographers and photographers for the highest level of luxury listings in the country. I’m talking about homes in the tens of millions.

Creator Ori Ayonmike first set out to create a YouTube of real estate, a way to let home shoppers search homes based on video content.

The company’s approach has adjusted slightly, but consumers across the country have almost 35,000 listing videos through which to look.


MyReelty has a sliding scale of prices based on square footage and a menu of add-on services, like aerial video, twilight photos, additional minutes of footage and abbreviated Instagram versions.

When a home shopper finds a video of interest, they can also sort through any other videos published by that agent via MyReelty’s broker profile pages that work like a YouTube channel, minus the noise of advertisements and unrelated content.

MyReelty has a sharp map radius search that depicts how many home videos have been published in a respective market.


A quick look at the MyReelty map demonstrates the reach of the company; while numbers vary, listing videos are available in markets across the country, not just Southern California, New York or Seattle. But luxury brokerage The Agency in Beverly Hills, led by former Inman speaker Mauricio Umansky, is a notable customer.

The ordering process is smooth and intuitive. The user interface is cleanly presented and agent users won’t have to scroll through multiple menus to know their project’s status or how much they’ve spent.

What I think stands out about MyReelty is that agents don’t interface directly with the creative professional, it’s all brokered by the company.

This gives the agent a place of accountability should something not come out right or if there is ever a monetary issue.

There’s a clear feedback and approval process in place, which includes one free edit.


When a video is finalized, agents are provided direct download and embed options. There’s a also an “MLS-ready” version.

I consider myself a creative professional. I also know a lot of professional photographers and a few videophiles, and I know how hard it is for them to communicate value to the businesses that hire them. We live in a different, subjective world that often invites pricing complications.

MyReelty graciously eliminates those concerns with easy to understand pricing, high-quality content and an efficient web-based platform.

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