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Can MyReelty broker the YouTube of listing videos?

New web-based video services marketplace lets agents order visual marketing assets quickly and easily
  • MyReelty is expanding quickly, with almost 35,000 listing videos published nationwide.
  • Prices are based on a square footage and offer a number of additional creative add-ons.
  • The company will give agents a product that competes with HouseLens, BoxBrownie and other visual services platforms.
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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. MyReelty is a video and visual creative services marketplace for real estate agents. Platforms: Browser-based Ideal for: Any size agency; agents seeking affordable video marketing services Top selling points Highly competitive prices Easy to hire, manage vendors Individual brokerage profile pages Publishing platform options; MSL-ready video Top concerns Some agents may already have relationships with video and photography vendors, and thus hesitate to sign-up. What you should know MyReelty is being used to book videographers and photographers for the highest level of luxury listings in the country. I'm talking about homes in the tens of millions. Creator Ori Ayonmike first set out to create a YouTube of real estate, a way to let home shoppers search homes based on video content. The company's approach has adjusted slightly, but consumers ac...