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BoxBrownie gives your real estate listing photos a face lift

Photo enhancement service improves interiors, exteriors and offers seamless virtual staging
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  • Affordability and quality of services may eliminate need for professional photography.
  • Online order and project management allow for easy oversight of budgets and images.
  • Hand-drawn layouts and floor plans can be converted to scale 3D renderings.

BoxBrownie provides real estate agents with a fast, affordable way to improve property imagery.

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BoxBrownie is a photo editing and visual marketing studio for real estate listings.

Platforms: Browser-based
Ideal For: All agents and teams; especially those who market new, empty and luxury properties

Top selling points

  • Exceptional quality
  • Rapid turn-around
  • 3-D renders of blueprints, sketches
  • Highly affordable

Top concerns

  • Redundancy with existing photography relationships

What You Should Know

The company’s name recalls Kodak’s 1900s-era camera, the Brownie. The first compact, consumer-level camera ushered in the concept of “snapshots.”

In 2017, BoxBrownie is applying much of what Kodak revolutionized in consumer photography since 1888 to the real estate marketing light-table, helping every iPhone-carrying agent look like Annie Leibovitz.

BoxBrownie’s most popular service is transforming images shot in the harsh sun of mid-day into beautiful photos that appear captured during the “golden hours,” or dawn and dusk.

Its editors add clouds, pink horizons, and perfectly lighted entry-ways. Every shadow is where it should be.

Interior shots can have life-like virtual furniture added or be de-cluttered by removing counter-top appliances, left-over dishes and questionable decor choices.

Hand-sketched floorplans and exterior home elevations can be transformed into sharp, highly-presentable 3D renderings.

Some of the more impressive “before & afters” I saw involved turning dark, poorly structured photos of rooms into well-lit, print-ready glossies.

BoxBrownie compliments its visual creativity with copywriting services and custom renderings.

Account holders have access to a backend where photos, sketches, and requests can be uploaded, paid for, and managed.

BoxBrownie does not require a subscription or ongoing fees of any kind, it’s all “pay-as-you-go.” It does allow users to purchase credits for ongoing use.

With its quick turn-around, hassle-free usages and exceptional quality, BoxBrownie has the potential to dominate this corner of the real estate marketing landscape.

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