Snap Maps just made Snapchat way more powerful for agents

Find locals, create buzz around your events and more
  • With Snapchat’s newest update, Snap Maps, real estate agents can showcase their whereabouts, expand their personal brand and have a little fun with events.

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Snapchat's latest update, Snap Maps, allows you to reveal your location to the world (if you don't adjust settings) and creates a vivid stream of public snaps near you. Every step you take, every move you make -- Snapchat knows, and its users are going to love this new feature. The update is even smart enough to show whether you are driving or on a plane. Your "Actionmoji" will live on the map and represent where you are and what fun events you are doing. Not into disclosing where you're at? Then make sure you are in ghost mode when you log in. You will know you are in ghost mode if the snap ghost is over your Bitmoji on the map. As with any new social tool, progressive agents will jump on board and utilize the map to sell their personal brand. Agents will also notice on the live map, blue lights indicating snap action nearby. Major tourist areas are highlighted even further. To get a good feel of the map and its capability, I recommend playing around and checkin...