Technology enhances school-based search

Homebuyers can now center property search on schools from get-go

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Take a deep real estate technology dive, Aug 7, 2017 has made it easier for homebuyers to filter listings based on schools. Users can enter a school name into its property search bar to pull up all for-sale properties that fall within the school's attendance zone. The feature gives a slight edge over Zillow and Trulia when it comes to school-based search, while bringing the listing portal up to speed with Redfin. Like Zillow and Trulia, has long allowed homebuyers to visualize school attendance zones on a map to see which schools serve which listings. The new feature simply lets users center their search on schools from the get-go -- which Zillow and Trulia do not. This aligns with the search strategy of many homebuyers. School quality ranks as a top concern among house hunters, and said the new search functionality "has been the most requested feature by visitors." Redfin takes things a step further by allowing users to sign up for a listing alert whene...