Generosity breeds loyalty: Meet the real estate agent whose clients come to her

  • Talent, expertise and benevolence can effectively replace hard selling techniques in real estate.

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Texas-based Woodlands Eco Realty broker-owner Priyanka Johri once stopped at a garage sale and started talking to the homeowners who lived there. They were moving to Chicago the next day, they said -- yet for six months, their house had failed to sell. Johri asked to take a look at the home, explaining that she was a real estate agent, and then spent two and a half hours re-staging it -- moving furniture, taking photos off the mantelpiece. "Why are you selling that rug? You need it in the living room," she told the homeowners, extracting it from the garage sale. The home got an offer almost immediately, and the homeowners rang Johri the next day -- though she hadn't left any contact details, they managed to find her -- to thank her and see if they could give her a fee. Johri told them not to worry and to pay their agent who had done the hard work for past six months. But the Chicago-bound couple didn't forget her. They encouraged other friends to interview her when it c...