building brand real estate

Want to build a brand in real estate? Do these 5 things

Be consistently authentic, and make sure you're producing different content types for people on different spaces
  • At the end of the day, being authentic in interactions with your audience will carry your brand.

Your brand is your business in real estate. It's everything including the way you carry yourself daily, your website, your closing and communication with a client after a sale. For new real estate agents and vets alike, developing and maintaining a brand can present challenges. The emerging social media platforms can become overwhelming keep up with, coupled with the fact you have to run the other aspects of your business. Here are the five keys to creating a great brand in real estate. 1. Consistency Consistency is important in two ways. You need to make sure you are consistent in the way you present yourself online; this allows your audience to grow familiar with you and what you're doing. You need to be posting often. No one piece of content is going to endear people to you or your brand. Think about it like this, if a person tells a funny joke, it's a funny joke; but if he or she tells five funny jokes, he or she is seen as a funny person. If you produce one p...