Feel like quitting real estate? 11 ways to bounce back

The real estate grind brings on feelings of exasperation, so learn to recharge (and treat yo'self)

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When Realtor Erin Brumleve is worn out with real estate, she turns whatever is bugging her into a ditty and sings it to her team. "Yesterday's song went like, 'Sometimes clients really love it when a real estate agent apologizes ... even if it's not their fault,'" she commented in Inman Coast to Coast. "It makes me and my team laugh, and then we are able to move on," said the Denver, Colorado-based agent. The real estate grind brings on feelings of exasperation and despair for countless agents, sometimes leading them to question whether they've chosen the right line of work. That may be especially true today, with hypercompetitive market conditions and increasingly independent-minded clients testing the limits of industry professionals. But recent Facebook conversations show agents have come up with many creative ways to bounce back from the real estate blues. Here are 11 techniques for rekindling your passion. 1. Remember, this is normal Keep in mind that it's pre...