A house divided: What divorcing couples need from an agent

Best practices for navigating this emotional territory

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A young professional gets a promotion and decides to invest in her first home purchase. A couple discovers they are having a baby and begins looking for more space. Retirement propels Mom and Dad into simpler living, closer to all the action. We know that life events are a major driver of real estate decisions, but some are happier than others. A couple in the middle of a divorce is often looking to offload a home and look for separate residences that will accommodate themselves and, depending on custody arrangements, their children. For a real estate agent, there is clearly a business opportunity there. But how do you market and serve this population without coming across as, at best, insensitive, or worse, exploitative? I talked to experts who work with divorcing couples to find out some best practices for navigating this emotional territory. Here's what I learned. Real estate needs of divorcing couples Divorcing couples have some unique needs when it comes to real es...